Our Team


Clint Garner, President

As the President and Founder of Stonebridge First Financial Group, Clint has been utilizing an innovative, personal‐touch philosophy to increase business efficiency and client loyalty for more than 22 years. Clint has developed a repeat and referral driven business by providing seamless transactions and delivering on his commitments. Under his leadership the company has completed over $2 billion in mortgage transactions and continues to provide intelligent mortgage solutions and lending resources nationwide.

In addition to his role at Stonebridge, Clint serves as an Officer on the Board of Directors and Finance Committee Chairman for Health Advocates Alliance which provides health and disability benefits to more than 225,000 members.



NMLS: 6711


Erin Haug, Closing/Selling Administrator

Erin brings over 20 years of banking experience to our team.  As the Closing/Selling Administrator she is involved in the mortgage process from application to closing maintaining file consistency and preparing the files for sale to secondary market investors.  Her solid financial background and sharp eye for detail ensure all of our loans and files are accurate and all documents are delivered on time.   Her ability to anticipate problems before they arise gives our team, as well as, our customers an advantage.  Erin adds the highest level of credibility and respect through her work at Stonebridge.



NMLS:  935892


Eric Haug, National Mortgage Banker

Eric is an accomplished mortgage banker at Stonebridge First Financial Group, bringing extensive expertise and a successful track record. With over 25 years of lending experience, Eric consistently delivers exceptional service to clients, helping them achieve their financial goals. Previously, as Vice President at American Interstate Bank, he honed his skills in banking and regulatory compliance. Eric’s deep industry knowledge, strong work ethic, and customer-centric approach enable him to guide clients through the mortgage process with confidence. His commitment to excellence and passion for helping clients make him a valuable asset to Stonebridge.



NMLS: 476476


Kirk Schuster, National Mortgage Banker

With over 20 years of dedicated service as a Battalion Chief at the Bellevue Fire Department in Nebraska, Kirk Schuster seamlessly applies his invaluable firefighting experience to his role as a Mortgage Banker. Known for his trustworthiness and strong work ethic, Kirk excels in high-pressure situations and pays meticulous attention to detail. Clients benefit from his calm and composed demeanor, clear communication, and personalized guidance throughout the mortgage process. Kirk’s unwavering commitment to public service and his deep understanding of financial intricacies make him a trusted advisor. Experience Kirk’s exceptional service as he combines his roles as a Battalion Chief and Mortgage Banker to guide you towards your homeownership goals.



NMLS: 1434035


Sean Taylor, National Mortgage Banker

With a rich background in entrepreneurship and automotive sales, Sean brings a wealth of expertise to his role, benefiting clients in the mortgage industry. His previous hands-on experience as a successful business owner allowed him to cultivate a deep understanding of business operations and finance. Combined with his interpersonal skills developed as a automotive salesman, Sean seamlessly connects with clients, understanding their needs and finding tailored solutions. With astute financial acumen and meticulous attention to detail, Sean guides clients through the mortgage process with confidence and clarity. He is a trusted partner, dedicated to helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams with ease and peace of mind.



NMLS: 1957010


Austin Finch, National Mortgage Banker

A valued member of the Stonebridge team since June 2020 with a background in online business operations and a keen entrepreneurial sense, Austin quickly made a significant impact on the company. With a solid foundation in economics, Austin excels at guiding clients through the mortgage financing process and ensuring their understanding of the dynamic real estate market. He has fostered strong relationships with real estate agents, builders, and industry professionals, expanding his customer base through successful referral networks. Austin’s deep understanding of market conditions, regulatory guidelines, and documentation requirements allows him to ensure compliance and provide clients with up-to-date information and personalized recommendations. Count on Austin Finch for a seamless and rewarding mortgage experience.



NMLS: 2001918


Travis Turnbull, National Mortgage Banker

Travis Turnbull is a former professional ice hockey player of 15 years and a graduate of the University of Michigan. His competitive drive and dedication earned him a spot with the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL. These are the same qualities that he utilizes in his new role as a Mortgage Banker. With a strong sports background, Travis thrives in high-pressure situations and understands the importance of teamwork and adaptability. By leveraging his communication skills and ability to build relationships, he delivers personalized guidance to clients throughout the mortgage process. Travis’ commitment to family values and dedication to helping clients achieve their homeownership dreams make him a valuable asset. As a new addition to our mortgage company, Travis offers expertise, professionalism, and a winning mindset to provide exceptional service. Contact Travis today for a successful mortgage journey.


Cell: 314-415-0719

NMLS: 2489917


Julie Penn, National Commercial Lender

Julie Penn is a highly accomplished commercial lender, specializing in assisting local businesses with their commercial lending needs. With her extensive experience as a Vice President at Citizens Bank, IBERIABANK, and Regions Bank, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her exceptional skills in providing strategic financial solutions and building strong client relationships make her a trusted advisor for businesses seeking growth and stability. Julie’s dedication to serving local businesses sets her apart, as she understands the unique challenges and opportunities they face. At Stonebridge First Financial Group, Julie is instrumental in helping local businesses thrive by providing tailored commercial lending solutions with excellence and precision.


Cell: 251-776-2938

NMLS: 758494


Rhonda Holzborn, Office Manager

With meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess, Rhonda efficiently oversees day-to-day operations at Stonebridge, ensuring optimal workflow. She also takes charge of managing all loan closings and coordinating wire transfers to closing agents. Rhonda’s comprehensive knowledge of closing procedures ensures a seamless and timely process for clients. Her commitment to exceptional service extends beyond office management, as she provides prompt support to clients and colleagues. With multitasking abilities and strong communication skills, Rhonda creates a cohesive work environment. She is a vital member of Stonebridge, dedicated to delivering exceptional service and client satisfaction.


Direct Line: 251-680-5070

Fax: 866-376-1341

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